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S.R. Smith Flyte Deck II Diving Base Only for 6 Ft Boards (White)

S.R. Smith Flyte Deck II Diving Base Only for 6 Ft Boards (White)

Sku: 702097362
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Please refer to the product description to read the terms and conditions.
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Detailed Product Description

Replacement diving base only; does not include diving board - the diving base, mounting jig and hardware included.

The Flyte-Deck II's sleek appearance and strong construction make it S.R. Smith's best selling model! The Flyte Deck II stand comes in three sizes so you are sure to find the right combination for your diving pool.

Note: This price is for the diving board base only. TrueTread™ boards may be paired with this Flyte-Deck stand. It is important that your replacement diving board is from the same brand/manufacturer as the one being replaced.

Product Specific Terms and Conditions

Prior to ordering an S.R. Smith Slide / Diving board product or replacement parts I ___________________ am the purchaser of this product and acknowledge by checking the above box for this product's specific terms and conditions that:

  • I understand that pool slides and diving boards if not installed and used correctly can result in serious injury
  • I have thoroughly read the material related to this product using one of the following links to the manufacturer's web site
  • I have printed this material on installation and proper use thereof and will retain it for future reference
  • The warning labels and signs that come packaged with the product will be displayed appropriately for all users to understand the proper safe use of the equipment
  • This diving board is designed for residential use ONLY. This diving board may not be used on any above ground pool. Such use of this diving board can result in serious injury or death
  • This diving board should never be installed on above ground pools, ponds, floating docks or platforms, boat docks or houseboats, or any natural body of water.

If in doubt about any aspect of the installation or use of the equipment you should consult a professional or have the product installed by a professional installer.

Product Warranty: 3 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

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