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28 inch Solar Dome Swimming Pool Heater

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With the aboveground swimming pool solar heater you can enjoy solar heated pool water long after summer has ended. With use of the solar panels, your pool water temperature can be raised as much as 15 degrees. Cold pool water is circulated through the solar panels and is returned to the pool warmed through a return hose. The Above Ground Pool Solar Heater is a cost-effective, eco-friendly way to heat your pool! This solar heater works by connecting between your filter pump and pool return to properly heat your pool. Being compatible with most above ground pools, it uses the system you're already using to install easily and quickly, letting you enjoy your pool more.


• Compatible with your existing pool pump
• Better than a gas heater - no gas line-no gas bills-no pollution
• One unit effectively heats 15 ft.-18 ft. pool sizes
• Superior water-flow design
• Extends swimming season
• Heat your pool up to 10 degrees warmer
• Easy to install

Solar heater has a 28 x 28 inch total foot print.

1 Year Manufactures Warranty

To complete the installation of this solar heater, you will require these additional components depending on your pool set up

40 mm Installation (Multiple Panels):

32 mm Installation (Multiple Panels):

Standard 1.5" Barb Installation (Multiple Panels):

Standard 1.5" Glue Installation (Multiple Panels):




40 mm Installation (Single Panel):

32 mm Installation (Single Panel):

Standard 1.5" Barb Installation (Single Panel):

*** Quantity depends on desired installation ***

Standard 1.5" Glue Installation (Single Panel):

Solar Dome Manual (Solar_Dome_Manual.pdf, 2,008 Kb) [Download]

Installed one panel last summer. We have seen an increase in water temperature of about 1 degree C, even without ideal sun exposure. One connection came apart early this summer & we lost some water, it just needed tightening. Overall positive rating. Interested to hear other reviews.
Work great just wish they came with more hose i bought 2 and can tell a difference after 1 week
We are a big fan of the bubbles after using the panels for years and the amount of space they use. These have all of the capacity to warm the water andtake barely the same space.
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