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TigerShark QC Robotic Pool Cleaner

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TigerShark QC Robotic Pool Cleaner Owner's Manual (TigerShark_QC_Robotic_Pool_Cleaner_MANUAL.pdf, 888 Kb) [Download]

I can't believe I waited so long to get one of these things. It is super-easy to use, you just drop it into the pool and plug it in. I was happy when my kids were born, I mean, it was great. But opening the box and watching this thing clean my pool was life-changing. You start to get used to your pool being spotless so any debris become unacceptable. Cleaning the filters is very easy. The whole system couldn't be easier to use. My only complaint is that when it stops and you pull it out some debris might fall out, not very much, but noticeable once your pool is clean. Anyways, I read a ton of reviews and settled on this model. It is my first one. I would recommend it highly.
June 2016, the best pool cleaner I have EVER used, seeing is believing...it vacuums and filters the water at the same time..my pool has been the clearest and cleanest it has ever been. I lived through the nightmare of the creepy and others...the Tiger Shark is AMAZING...Buy it NOW!
This cleaner is fantastic. It climbs the walls with ease and it's easy to clean the filter. I have an 18x36 foot pool with steps and a bench and "Wall-E" does everything. I drop it in, turn it on and 4 hours later, pluck him from the pool, clean the filter (always do it right after cleaning). The entire amount of effort from me is about 10 minutes allowing me to enjoy the pool vs servicing it.

ONE CAVEAT: Do NOT get the remote version. The remote sucks. It works fine, but it's lame. Simply a post that lifts one side of the track meaning you can turn one direction in either forward or reverse. I have used this twice. It's a very expensive novelty that very quickly runs it's course. Save your money.
Highly recommend this product. Well worth the investment. My first TigerShark last 8 years. So I am definitely buying another one. The flowers and landscaping around my kidney shape pool (inground pool, concrete) is pretty heavy so the machine was in the pool every day (or every 2 days) between May and September every year. The warranty is 3 years so the return on your initial investment far exceeds the annual cost of a pool cleaning guy.
i love my tigershark. I have a kidney shaped 20x40 pool. After about 3 times it now cleans the pool and walls effortlessly. It does take about 4 hours but I drop it in at night and then it goes to work while I sleep. Awesome product. So happy with my buy.
this is the best pool cleaner bar none, does a great job climbing the walls and stairsThe best thing is, I can be busy doing other things or enjoying the weather and know my pool is going to be beyond clean. the cleanup is easy with the built in filter device and it allows the skimmer to do its job.... .I love it!!!
Best investment I ever made for pool cleaning devices. Works great and does a great job just like the video. Key is to clean the filters after each use.
This product shortens my pool cleaning time so I now have much more time to enjoy my pool!
I own all hayward product and so buying a cleaner was easy, went with the hayward robotic plug in cleaner and have had no problems since. Best cleaner i've ever owned, set it up before work and the pool is perfect when i get home and ready for swimming!
After years of using suction cleaners I finlly decided to buy a robotic cleaner and am so glad I did! It cleans so much better and I have more time to use my pool. Thanks for excellent service I will definitely buy more pool stuff from you in the future.
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