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Clear Spa Phos Out (500 ml)

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Clear Spa Phos Out is used to remove phosphates from water. Phosphate will coat the plates on a salt water generator and will reduce its efficiency. Phosphates will also create a chlorine and bromine demand.

Directions for use:

Clear Spa Phos Out (500 ml)

1. A sample of fresh filled spa water should be taken to an authorized clear spa dealer for analysis including a phosphate test

2. Balance the water as required

3. If phosphates are present add Phos Out

4. To remove 125 ppb of phosphate add 20 mL of Phos out per 1000 L of spa water. Pour in center of water with the water circulating.

5. Add clarifier to clear up the cloudy water and help deposit the phosphates to the filter

6. Circulate the water for 24 hours and then remove the cartridge filter and give it a thorough rinse

7. Test for phosphate monthly

MSDS - Spa Phos Out (MSDS_-_Spa_Phos_Out.pdf, 20 Kb) [Download]

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