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DISCONTINUED 2019 Dive Self Powered All in One Salt & Ionizer Smart Sanitation System Call or Email for Price

DISCONTINUED 2019 Dive Self Powered All in One Salt & Ionizer Smart Sanitation System

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Detailed Product Description

Reduce the amount of chlorine used in your pool by up to 90 per cent - no electricity required!

The Dive all-in-one smart sanitizer is a fully automatic pool sanitization system. It uses the movement of water within the pool line to generate electricity and, with it, Dive then automatically generates and adds chlorine and algaecide to your pool so you don’t have to! This eliminates the need to add additional pool chemicals, lowering your operating costs and enhancing your water quality.

Dive is a salt water chlorine generator, which means it continually converts salt to chlorine right in your pool, so you don’t have to buy, handle and manually add chlorine to your water. It is convenient, less costly and much easier on your eyes, hair and skin. Dive is also an algae control device - it automatically generates and adds copper ions, effective in preventing most algae growths in swimming pools.

Dive also comes with built-in Wi-Fi connectivity and a smart app that lets you monitor and control the device wherever you are. Adjust chlorination and algaecide rates, see your pool system’s water flow rate, temperature and salinity, and get notifications when things change.

How Does It Work?

Self-Powered - Dive uses the world’s most efficient miniature turbine, to convert the energy of moving water in your pool pipes into the electrical power it needs to work.

Hybrid Cell - Dive incorporates a breakthrough hybrid electrolytic cell that produces chlorine and copper algaecide for both disinfection and algae control. It uses the electricity produced by the turbine for operation. The hybrid cell in the DIVE system is capable of sanitizing up to 30,000 gallons (113,000 litres) of water - please refer to the owner's manual to ensure your pump/filter system will provide adequate flow for operation.

Modular Design - Dive’s modular design means you can easily change the replaceable cell at the end of its life. It also means it is much easier and faster to replace the components and repair the system if anything goes wrong!

Simple to Install and Use

Dive is a DIY self-powered device, which means no wiring, no electrician, no installation fees and no hassle. Simply install Dive, add a few bags of salt, and enjoy your pool!

Dive can be installed in 5 easy steps in minutes:

  1. 1. Cut a 16” piece of your pool PVC pipe
  2. 2. Attach the supplied Fittings
  3. 3. Tighten the threaded fittings
  4. 4. Turn on your pump and connect Dive to your home wifi network
  5. 5. Add a few bags of pool salt your pool and enjoy!

Each Dive System Includes:

  • 1 x Dive Smart Sanitizer System
  • 1 x Dive Sanitizer Salt/Mineral Cell
  • 2 x Plumbing Unions
  • 1 x Salt Cell Cleaning Stand
  • 2 x 2 Inch to 1.5 Inch Reducers
  • 1 x Can of PVC Cement Glue
  • 1 x Roll of Plumbing Tape

Product Includes a 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty.

Customer Reviews

I've had the Dive since May 2018 and absolutely love it! Our pool has been crystal clear all summer long and thats all thanks to the self sufficient system of the Dive. With my previous system I was constantly having to add chemicals to keep it balanced but with Dive it feels great leaving the pool store with an all OK on my water test results. Amazing product and purchase!

- Review by Diego Zeballos on August 13, 2018

I really like the Dive System because I really don’t like wasting time on pool maintenance. Plus, now I don’t have to mess with chemicals and guests love the feel of the water. On top of that, I installed it right after it arrived - I converted my pool to salt in an afternoon. All in all, the only thing I don’t like about the product is that I didn’t discover it years ago. Great purchase.

- Review by Derek Reinhold on June 11, 2018

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