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Filter Saver 5 Pack

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Filter Saver skimmer sock fits all skimmer baskets. Elastic band holds them tight on the edge to catch micro small debris that would otherwise contribute to clogging up a pump or filter. Great for pine needles, pollen, and the fine spring debris from flowering trees and shrubs and small insects.

Sold in packs of 5.  

Filter saver skimmer sock is made of nylon and can be used for months.

These are absolutely fabulous!! We couldn't be without them. Especially right now with all the pollen in the air. It just traps everything that goes into the skimmer basket. Must Have!!! And at 5.99 ...huge savings. We paid 14.99 at the hardware store.
Great product. Have a cartridge filter and this stops tons of debris from going into it. I didn't have to clean the cartridges all season. Just check the skimmer regularly it fills up quick.
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