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Solar Pro XD1 Pool Heater Bubble

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Heat pool water the GREEN way using solar energy. SolarPRO Pool Heaters provide an unbeatable price to performance ratio. Add weeks to the swimming season with free energy from the sun heating the pool water. Ideal for use with popular above ground and most in ground pools. Multiple heaters can be connected in series to increase heating efficiency.

  • Designed for any size above ground or in ground pool
  • Easy to install
  • 20' length of heating coil
  • No electric or gas connections
  • Adapters for INTEX® pools included
  • Includes protective cover to reduce heat loss
  • 23" L x 23"in W x 9.75" H


** Note - Additional Plumbing / Hosing may be required for your unique equipment setup.

IMPORTANT: Operation requires your pool to have an existing filter/pump (not included). For use with SLIP INTEX products only. Additional plumbing components required for use with 40mm INTEX Pool connections (not included).

Product Includes a 1 Year Limited Warranty

Solar Pro XD1 Pool Heater Bubble CHART (Solar_Pro_XD1_Pool_Heater_Bubble_HEATER_CHART.pdf, 195 Kb) [Download]

Solar Pro XD1 Pool Heater Bubble WARRANTY (Solar_Pro_XD1_Pool_Heater_Bubble_LIMITED_WARRANTY_STATEMENT.docx, 12 Kb) [Download]

Solar Pro XD1 Pool Heater Bubble MULTIPLE HEATER SET UP (Solar_Pro_XD1_Pool_Heater_Bubble_MULTIPLE_HEATER_SET_UP.pdf, 334 Kb) [Download]

Solar Pro XD1 Pool Heater Bubble MANUAL (SOLARPRO_XD1.pdf, 2,142 Kb) [Download]

Solar Pro XD1 Assembly & Troubleshooting Guide (Solar_Pro_XD1_Troubleshooting_Guide.pdf, 8,704 Kb) [Download]

Solar Pro XD1 Pool Heater Bubble FRENCH (Solar_Pro_XD1_Pool_Heater_Bubble_FRENCH.pdf, 730 Kb) [Download]

Multiple heater hook up ENG FRENCH (Multiple_Heater_Setup_042110_(1)_GAME_Solar_Pro.pdf, 345 Kb) [Download]

Completely awesome product! My inground pool is 16x32 and I installed 3 domes and within a short time pool temp jumped to 89 and that's all the way to the bottom of the pool not just the surface!
acheter 2 pour piscine 18 pieds nul nul nul
It looks like it would heat a lot more but it looks like I will need 2 of these units to do the job for my small pool... not too impressed about that!!!
I use with on above ground, helps keep the bills low but on its own i think my pool is too big might need a second.
I have 2 of these and use every summer, always does the trick.
We connected 2 to our pool and seems to do a fairly good job as long as the sun is holding out. Not a bad product at all considering it gives free heat a lot of the summer.
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