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Swimming Pool Spray Adhesive

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Spray adhesive for pool wall foam and cove installation. The adhesive forms a strong permanent bond between porous and non-porous surfaces. Spray is economical, extremely versatile, pressure sensitive, and specially designed to bond wall foam to itself, concrete, wood and other hard to bind surfaces. A proprietary formula has been developed though years of working with swimming pool installers nationwide. Foam adhesive comes in an aerosol can with a high volume spray nozzle. The spray's colour makes it easy to see where the adhesive has been applied.

Each Can does approximately 30 Feet of coverage

2 Cans for 60 Feet

3 Cans for 90 Feet

4 Cans for 120' Feet

Spray adhesive is perfect for use with Gladon Waveless™ Wall Foam - click on the roll size you require below to shop now:

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