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12 X 21 ft Oval Mesh Leaf Cover Hemmed

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Leaf Net is for 12' X 21' Oval Above Ground Pools, Leaf Net actual size is 15' X 24' Oval. Mesh Leaf Covers include tabs with 1/2" diameter hole for securing the cover into place.

Lay the Mesh Leaf Cover over your Winter Cover before leaves begin to fall. Then peel off the leaf catcher in early November, and your Winter Cover will be virtually free of leaves come spring. No more messy, decaying leaves submerged on your cover.

Made of Heavy Duty Mesh, the cover catches leaves while allowing the water to pass through.

Warranty: 30 Days

Leaf Net Manual (Leaf_Net_Manual.pdf, 175 Kb) [Download]

I like the idea of this. It did work for me and saved my cover in spring... but I think it could be more useful if it didnt need to be removed until spring with the cover
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