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A Frame White Integrity Above Ground Ladder Complete

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AL509 Full Unit
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Uses the strongest materials

The Integrity AG Ladder is molded of rugged, high-impact resistant thermoplastic.

It resists pool chemicals, and contains UV inhibitors – for years of safe, carefree use.

18" Easy-climbing steps

The Integrity AG Ladder has five steps –rather than the typical four. We set the first tread

low, and the others just over 10" apart. Result: easier climbing, particularly for kids and seniors.

Anti-slip treads

We mold in texture – rather than glue it on. The result: superior, permanent traction on

both steps and deck.

Built-in versatility

Adjustable to three pool heights: 48”, 52” and 54”. The A-frame ladder is convertible

to deck- to-pool or stand-alone. And on the A-frame, there is a removable, portable outside ladder.

No compromise on quality or safety

The Integrity AG Ladder is designed according to the NEW ANSI-NSPI supplemental standards

effective December 31, 2004. The new Integrity AG ladder was designed with enhanced features

and manufactured under the International ISO 9001:2000 Quality Standard.

Up to 300 lbs capacity

Available in white and grey

Additional Materials (Not supplied with ladder):

- 2 Common Bricks (to weigh down ladder)

- 2 Patio Blocks

Product Warranty: 5 Year Manufacture Warranty

A Frame White Integrity Above Ground Ladder Box 1 and 2 MANUAL (A_Frame_White_Integrity_Above_Ground_Ladder_Box_1_and_2_MANUAL.pdf, 3,431 Kb) [Download]

We love how sturdy this ladder is! It is not to code for our township for safety so we had to purchase an additional slide & lock ladder, but I still love this ladder... the steps to exit the pool are more like stairs, great for getting out while holding the baby.
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