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AQUAPower Universal Skimmer Weir Door Replacement

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The AQUAPower Universal Skimmer Weir Door Replacement is the Secret to a Sparkling Clean, Energy-Efficient Pool!

AQUAPower’s patented design uses Bernoulli’s principle to naturally boost suction, which keeps your pool cleaner and helps you save on energy.

How does it work?

1) AQUAPower® boosts the suction of water into the skimmer, dramatically improving filtration. Traditional Weir Doors lose suction and energy as the pool water slowly laps over the flap into the skimmer. AQUAPower® precisely directs water toward the skimmer to create a natural, powerful flushing effect.

2) The increase in suction creates better water circulation, resulting in cleaner pool water. In the average pool, stagnant water is in a “dead-zone,” where poor circulation leaves water dirty and unfiltered. AQUAPower® improves circulation and mixing, so more pool water gets filtered in each cycle and you have a cleaner, healthier pool.

3) Since your pool water is filtered faster, you can run your single-speed pool pump less. With better circulation, you can run your old pump less and still keep your pool sparkling-clean. In fact, studies by the University of South Florida concluded that most pool owners can run their single-speed pump up to 40% less.

With AQUAPower® installed on your pool, you’ll immediately begin to experience the benefits. Not only will your pool stay cleaner, but you’ll save hundreds of dollars on your single-speed pool pump energy!

Important: AQUAPower’s design was intended for all in-ground pool systems; however, if your above ground skimmer housing falls between 7 1/8th inches and 9 3/8th inches then the product will work with your above ground system. Check your above-ground skimmer dimensions prior to purchasing the product to make sure it is compatible.

AquaPower Installation Manual (Instruction-Manual.pdf, 934 Kb) [Download]

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