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Blue Wave Products

Origin of Blue Wave® Chemicals

Blue Wave®'s roots are in the pool business, yet its branded products are not sold to mass merchants. Blue Wave® offers high-quality proprietary products with unique packaging, sold only by knowledgeable professionals who understand and can deliver the most vital information required in the pool chemicals market today.

In fact, Blue Wave is the originator of the Easy Pool Care Program, which simplifies the establishment of a regular pool chemical maintenance process. Only authorized Blue Wave® Internet Dealers can provide pool owners and operators with Blue Wave® swimming pool chemicals.

Blue Wave® products—and the efficient packaging they arrive in—are the result of years of research to develop the optimal lineup based on swimming pool customer needs. Blue Wave® consistently pays attention to the details of product specifications and sizes, labeling, easy-open containers, and user-friendly product markings such as view stripes. Proper dosage is always a snap with Blue Wave sanitizers, chemicals, and additives.

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