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Clear Spa Clarifier (500 ml)

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  • Clear Spa Clarifier comes in a 500 ml container and is a 30 ml dosage per 2,000 litres of water
  • 4 in 1 clarifier for spas and hot tubs
  • Clear Spa Clarifier is a weekly treatment used to keep spa water sparkling
  • Prevents oil and scum build up without clogging the filter

Directions for use: 

Clear Spa Clarifier (500 ml)

1. Clean your filter if applying initial dose

2. Squirt 30 ml per 2,000 L of spa water across the surface ( no premixing necessary). If the water is especially dirty, double the dosage

3. Allow at least one hour of continuous filtration


MSDS - Spa Clarifier (MSDS_-_Spa_Clarifier.pdf, 20 Kb) [Download]

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