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Our List of Must Have Accessories of 2019 are Here!

Must Have Accessories on Sale On Now
Blue Connect Plus



Blue Connect Plus Smart Chemical Reader

A Pool Supplies Canada exclusive online product, Blue Connect Plus is a smart, fully automated pool and hot tub water analyzer that constantly and automatically measures your water quality and lets you know what chemicals your pool or hot tub needs to maintain proper chemistry - all from your smartphone! Compatible with any shape or size of pool.

Smart Seal Paint



Smart Seal Dura Seal Epoxy Pool Paint

Coat your pool with the most effective long range protection from Smart Seal Dura Seal Epoxy Pool Paints. Kelley Technical Coatings Dura Seal Epoxy Pool Paint provides an effective protection for swimming pool surfaces, and requires just one coat for application!

Pura Vida UV



Pura Vida UV Water Sterilizer System

With the Pura Vida UV system, home owners can own a high quality UV system at a low cost, that works on any pool! A safe and eco-Friendly water sanitation system for small and large pools alike, the Pura Vida destroys micro-organisms that chlorine or salt generators cannot - keeping your pool cleaner and healthier, and dramatically reducing chemical demand without harmful by-products.

Sparkle Pool Gel

4 Pack


Pool Supplies Canada Sparkle Pool Gel

Pool Supplies Canada's Sparkle Pool Gel contains a unique, time release formula designed to boost chemical efficiency, rapidly clear cloudy water, and remove micro-particles. Simply remove the backing from the package, slide the gel out, drop it into your skimmer basket and let it go to work! Each box includes 4 packs of gel.

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Filter Savers Skimmer Socks (Pack of 5)

Protect your pump and filter with Filter Savers! Filter Savers catch micro small debris that would otherwise contribute to clogging up a pump or filter. Great for pine needles, pollen, and the fine spring debris from flowering trees and shrubs and small insects.

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Gladon Waveless Wall Foam

Add years of life to your pool liner with Gladon waveless wall foam! Wall Foam adds insulation to your pool to keep the water warmer and save energy, while acting as a protective layer between your pool wall and pool liner.

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