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Club Pro Calcium Plus (7 Kg)

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Calcium Plus increases the calcium hardness of your pool water and is a critical part of keeping your water balanced. Keeping your calcium hardness in the correct range helps protect pool surfaces and equipment.

Club Pro Calcium Plus contains calcium chloride and comes in a 7 kg container perfect for your pool! Follow the labels on the bottle to ensure proper water chemistry is maintained.

Directions for use:

Club Pro Calcium Plus (7 Kg)

1. Test for Calcium hardness with a reliable test kit.

2. The desired range for total hardness is 225 to 300 ppm for plaster pools and 175 to 250 ppm for fiberglass, vinyl or painted pools.

3. If total hardness is less than this desired range, add 112 g of CLUB PRO CAL+ per 10,000 L to raise the total hardness by 10 ppm.

Read the label before using: Adjust low calcium levels to prevent corrosion and pool surface pitting.

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