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Creation 19 x 33 ft Oval Above Ground Pool Custom Package

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  • Creation Pool Kit - Beaded Liner, Skimmer, Coping, Instruction Manuals

Built to Last

The Creation 54 inch high above ground pool incorporates new resin injection moulding, called Synflex, which resists all environmental factors, preventing corrosion caused by shock or friction. Its steel walls are also specially treated for increased durability. These innovations offer increased quality and a longer life for your new pool. The Creation 54 inch above ground pool will surely add beauty to any backyard!

Exclusive Buttress-Free Oval Support System

The Buttress-Free is an oval pool that does not require angle side supports (buttresses), which take up extra yard space. This unique system delivered unsurpassed structural strength without visible supports, has an attractive streamlined appearance and takes up less valuable yard space - a vigorous backhoe test is performed prior to the launch of each new Buttress-Free pool model to prove structural integrity. For example, a 15 x 30 ft oval pool with buttresses requires 21 x 30 ft once installed. A 15 x 30 ft buttress-free oval only requires only 15 x 30 ft. You save 180 square feet of yard space, or have enough room for a larger pool!

Key Features:

  • Frame Colour: Champagne
  • 54 inch Tall Wall with Avantgarde Pattern
  • 6 inch Curved Synflex Resin Top Seats
  • 6 inch Wide Uprights made of 100% synthetic Synflex resin and reinforced with embossed patterns that insure stabilization of the seats
  • Synflex Resin Top Tracks, Bottom Tracks (that include an exterior shield), and 2 piece Outside Connectors
  • Salt Water Friendly
  • Buttress-Free Oval System (allows for more space in your yard and a cleaner finished look)
  • 60 Year Manufactures Prorated Warranty
  • Made in Canada

Pool Manufacturer:

AquaLeader Pools

Creation Pool Warranty (Creation-Pool-Warranty.pdf, 26 Kb) [Download]

Creation Oval Installation Manual (V35012_Creation-Genesis_OvalYM-Installation-Manual.pdf, 13,142 Kb) [Download]

Above Ground Pool Plumbing Manual (PSC_Plumbing_Manual_-_Web-2.pdf, 2,190 Kb) [Download]

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