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Tuyau ElastoFlex 2 pouces x 50 pieds

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ElastoFlex hose is specifically designed for use in the installation of new hot tubs, spas, swimming pools, filters or similar water transfer applications, or for replacing existing rigid pipe. Designed to be glued into Schedule 40 PVC fittings.


  • Very flexible - ideal for working in confined areas. Permits installer to make smooth, tight turns. Saves time and labour.
  • Cost-saving - requires fewer fittings than rigid pipe when plumbing a normal spa or hot tub installation.
  • Smooth bore construction - allows unrestricted flow.
  • Use with primers and PVC cements.

Like other materials, ElastoFlex hose can be damaged by rodents or insects, including termites. Our warranty does not cover damages caused by them. Spa Hose should not be used underground in areas infested by termites. This product warning shall be given to every purchaser of Spa Hose. (Rev. 7/98)

Note: Actual hose colour may vary depending on available inventory.

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