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Solar Heaters

Is a Solar Heater Right For Your Pool?

Unfortunately, solar heaters aren't the right option for every pool owner. If you have a small pool that gets a lot of direct sunlight then a solar heater is a perfect solution for your heating concerns. However, pool owners with large pools or pools that are partially or fully shaded are unlikely to generate the amount of heat needed to make a difference. If you don't get enough sun or have a very large pool then check out some of our other pool heater options.

If you have a heater, especially a solar heater for your pool then you'll also want to have a solar cover to help you maximize the effectiveness of your heater and reduce the amount of heat that you lose through evaporation. Pool Supplies Canada offers a wide variety of solar covers that will help maximize the effectiveness of any pool heater and save you even more money on pool heating costs.

The Benefits of Solar Heaters

Solar heaters use the sun to capture and replace heat for your pool that is naturally lost through evaporation and cooler temperatures. If you find that your pool is sometimes (or often) too cold to enjoy throughout the entire season and you are hesitant to spend the money on more expensive natural gas, propane or electric pool heaters then a solar heater may be a good option.

The benefits of using a solar pool heater make it worth investigating because they are great for the environment and your wallet. With the right conditions they are extremely effective - some pool owners experience a 10° - 15° increase in pool water temperature.

Where Can You Install Your Solar Heater?

Solar heaters and panels are simple to install and extremely versatile - they can usually be installed almost anywhere outside, including your home or shed roof, off your deck, beside your pool or even on the ground. Check your solar heater's operating instructions for information about where and how to safely install it.

The Cost of Solar Heaters

The way that a solar heater works is it pumps pool water through a filter and then through a solar collector where the water is heated and then returned to the pool. Once you pay for the initial, one-time cost of the solar heater, panels and tubing you can essentially heat your pool for free for the rest of your life. Most solar heaters use your pool's existing pumps and filters, so other than the heater, panels and tubing there is no extra equipment to buy.

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