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Hayward DV4000 Inground/Above Ground Automatic Pool Cleaner

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Hayward DV4000 Inground/Above Ground Automatic Pool Cleaner
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Cleans Pool Surfaces:
Hose Length:
40 Ft
1 Year(s)
Replacement Parts

Hayward DV4000 automatic pool cleaner for above ground and inground swimming pools up to 20'x40'.

Silently cleans the bottom of your pool thanks to Hayward's efficient diaphragm cleaner technology. With the DV4000, all types of debris are sucked up regardless of the complexity of your pool. They easily connect to the existing filtration system and automatically clean the bottom of the pool. Installed in just a few minutes and without the need for tools, these economical, attractive cleaners are the perfect fit for your above ground or inground swimming pool.

PLEASE NOTE: This cleaner is not to be used on any soft sided above ground pool


  • Rotating lower disc for easier navigation of your pool
  • Quickly set-up and use with your existing pump and filter system, no extra tools required
  • Cleaner includes 40 feet of hose, counterweight, flow regulator and connection adaptor
  • Does not clean walls or waterline of the pool
  • 40 feet of hose included

Product Warranty: 1 Year Manufacture Warranty

Hayward DV4000 Inground/Above Ground Automatic Pool Cleaner MANUAL (Hayward_DV4000_Inground_Above_Ground_Automatic_Pool_Cleaner_MANUAL.pdf, 526 Kb) [Download]

I bought it as it was 60% off of normal retail. Works good for me after I played with where to set the weight, which depends on the amount of suction you have available. It doesn't do as good of a job as I do, but I put it in at night and in the morning pool is for the most part clean. Adding or removing a section of hose helps it get most of the pool.
Easy to set up but doesn't do the best job of cleaning. My pool is 21 ft so its kind of disappointing as it's not big cleaner but was cheap to buy so took a chance.
Cleaner wasn't working very well but I called hayward and was able to figure out how to use the suction gauge to set it up properly. Gets around the pool now no problem, still not the best cleaning but i'll survive for the price.
Really easy to set up and get going but doesn't do the best job of cleaning. My pool is relatively small so its kind of disappointing but for the price it is not bad.
liking this so far, just the hose was overkill for my above ground pool.
Great cleaner, super easy to install and use, awesome price as I have seen some for well over $200
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