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HTH Shock Chlorinating Granules (1 Kg Bottle)
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HTH Shock Chlorinating Granules (1 Kg Bottle)

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Detailed Product Description

HTH Chlorinating Granules, when used regularly, is an effective sanitizer and will protect your pool water from bacteria and algae. This product can be used for routine chlorination, shock treatment, or algae control treatment. For best results, use with other hth pool care products. Available chlorine present as calcium hypochlorite 47%.

Features / Benefits:

  • Kills bacteria and prevents algae growth
  • Controls algae and promotes sparkling clean swimming pool water
  • Salt pool compatible

Directions for use: 

  1. Dip an hth Multi-purpose 6-Way Test Strip (sold separately) into the water to measure total alkalinity, pH, free available chlorine (FAC), calcium hardness, and cyanuric acid (CYA) or stabilizer. Test the water and adjust alkalinity and other parameters where necessary
  2. Use a clean, dry scoop; do not use the scoop for other purposes. Add the recommended dosage during evening hours while the filter pump is running. Ensure that the product is broadcast evenly over a wide area in the deepest part of the pool
  3. If granules settle along the bottom of the pool, use a brush to disperse them. Once free available chlorine levels are between 1 and 4 ppm, your pool is ready to use again

Manuals & Attachments

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HTH Shock Chlorinating Granules (1 Kg Bottle) $7.99
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