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HTH Extra Start Up Combo

HTH Extra Start Up Chlorine / Algaecide Combo (1 Kg)

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Use HTH Extra start up to get your pool or spa ready for use! This soluble, granular product shock treats and controls black, green and yellow algae. Each container is 1 kg in size and good for 1 full start up treatment.


  • Dichlor and Copper Sulfate blend
  • 20.3% available chlorine
  • Ideal for pool openings and start ups
  • Fast acting dual-action formula
  • Combines the anti-algae power of chlorine and chelated copper
  • Effective against green, black and yellow algae

Directions for use:

HTH Extra Start Up Chlorine / Algaecide Combo (1 Kg)

Method of Application: For clear pool water, follow our 3 step pool care program:

1. Sanitize

2. Shock treat weekly

3. Add algaecide as directed

NOTE: it is recommended that the pool be balanced before using this 3 step process

Water Balance: Maintain daily levels as determined by a test kit or test strips: Free available chlorine: 1.0 - 3.0 ppm. pH: 7.2 - 7.8. Total alkalinity: 80 - 120 ppm. Calcium Hardness: 200-300 ppm. Make any necessary adjustments promptly with the appropriate HTH pool care products. For outdoor pools, chlorine residuals can be protected from destruction by the sun’s rays by adding cyanuric acid to the pool water to yield the required initial concentration of 30 ppm. Maintain cyanuric levels between 30-100 ppm afterwards. Check copper levels regularly by using appropriate test kit or test strips. If copper levels exceed 1 ppm, use a chlorine product without copper until the levels have dropped.

Opening Your Pool: This product is ideal for opening your pool or testing for persistent algae. Distribute 180 grams of this product over the water’s surface for for each 10,000 L of pool water. This will raise the chlorine residual to 3.9 ppm, and provide 0.4 ppm of copper for algae control. If algae persist for more than one week, repeat dosage. For the remainder of the pool usage season, use HTH Extra Multi-Purpose Chlorinating Pucks (a trichloro-s-triazinetrione and copper sulfate product) in accordance with label directions.

Shock Treatment: This product should not be used as your regular weekly shock treatment. Shock treat weekly with an HTH shock product to kill bacteria, burn out organic contaminants, and keep water clear. Follow product label directions. Immediately after shock treatment, thoroughly clean pool surfaces by scrubbing and vacuuming through the filter. Do not enter pool until the chlorine residual is 1 - 3 ppm as measured with a reliable test kit or test strips.

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