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InnovaClear UV-C 75 Watt Light Bulb Replacement

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UV-C 75 Watt Light Bulb Replacement for the InnovaClear UV Purifier system. InnovaClear UV Purifier bulb replacement is required every 4,500 hours (approximately once per year).

How do UV water purification systems work?

The pool water flows through a purification chamber equipped with a UV lamp. Micro-organisms (bacteria, algae, protozoa and viruses) are exposed to UV-C rays when the water flows through the chamber. Water purification happens through the inactivation of the molecular structure (DNA) of micro-organisms. This inactivation is achieved by the gamma energy (254 nm) of the UV rays which damages their DNA, thus preventing them from multiplying or reproducing. The residual chlorine is needed to disinfect micro-organisms that are not suspended in the water; i.e. those deposited on the pool liner or the pool step.

Product Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

InnovaClear Bulb Replacement Instructions (English & Francais) (InnovaClear_Bulb_Replacement_English_et_Francais.pdf, 106 Kb) [Download]

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