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InnovaClear UV Purifier

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Why buy the InnovaClear UV water purification system?

For clean and healthy water without the daily hassles 
Spend your valuable time on activities other than the maintenance of your pool.

For safe swimming
Unlike ozone, UV-C treats 99.9% of micro- organisms and leaves no residual substance in the water.

To reduce by up to 80% use of chlorine and other chemicals
Environmentally-friendly. Decreases eye and skin irritation due to chlorine and eliminates that unpleasant chlorine smell. Significant annual savings on chemicals purchases.

Because it is non-corrosive and suitable for all types of pools
Unlike salt systems, the InnovaClear UV water purification system will not damage the steel and other components of your pool.

For ease of installation and use
Simply connect the water input after the filter and the output directly to the water return then plug.

A tried and true system
UV rays have been used for many years to purify water in such industries as the food industry, pharmaceuticals and in municipal drinking water supply systems.

How do UV water purification systems work?

The pool water flows through a purification chamber equipped with a UV lamp. Micro-organisms (bacteria, algae, protozoa and viruses) are exposed to UV-C rays when the water flows through the chamber. Water purification happens through the inactivation of the molecular structure (DNA) of micro-organisms. This inactivation is achieved by the gamma energy (254 nm) of the UV rays which damages their DNA, thus preventing them from multiplying or reproducing. The residual chlorine is needed to disinfect micro-organisms that are not suspended in the water; i.e. those deposited on the pool liner or the pool step.

Technical Specifications:

  • Effortlessly clean and healthy water through UV treatment
  • Up to 80% reduction in pool chemical use
  • Harmless and environmentally friendly
  • Reliable and easy to install
  • An effective technology used by hospitals and water treatment plants
  • Noncorrosive and suitable for all types of above ground swimming pools
  • Low operating cost
  • Fully independant plug and play UV system that doesn't require any special maintenance other than a bulb replacement every 4,500 hours (approx. once a year)
  • Requires glue to attach unions
  • Works on pools up to 18 x 36 feet (75,000 liters) in size

Product Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

InnovaClear UV Purifier EN FR Instructions (InnovaClear_UV_Purifier_INSTRUCTIONS_EN_FR.pdf, 1,666 Kb) [Download]

InnovaClear UV Purifier INSTRUCTIONS (InnovaClear_UV_Purifier_INSTRUCTIONS.pdf, 274 Kb) [Download]

Quick Setup Guide (530-en~v~innovaclair-assembly-mounting-en.pdf, 101 Kb) [Download]

I got it all set up and working in only a day and it really makes a big difference, love the cleaning job it does in my pool!! Highly reccomending this product!
Works really great and it was so simple and fast to setup!! Reall makes a difference in my pool and its cheaper to run for sure.
Someone got smart - great idea to help reduce the harsh chemicals. Didn't feel right with my Grandson being in the water with so much Chlorine. This certainly has helped.
Impressive. Highly recommended to my neighbours and Family. Thanks Pool Supplies Canada for the excellent service.
Overall This has been a great product. Wish it was a tad smaller on my pad (kinda long) but I realize the bulb is large and needs the water to pass over. Shipping was quick thanks to the others for the reviews as it helped me decide to use this over salt.
better than salt. I rusted my last pool with salt and was not going to do the same this time, but i wanted a product that gave me superior water and reduced the chemicals required. good product and the company is from Canada. I like.
Love it. super easy installation. This is the future of water purification.
Awesome. So much better than using salt ( which is chlorine anyways). The water is so much healthier for my 3 little guys and installaton was very easy. Only thing I'd like to know is how much to replace the bulb ( says they last 3-4 years). Really recommend this to everyone - what an awesome Idea.
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