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Discontinued - Jandy Flo Pro Variable Speed Pump 1.0 HP

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Discontinued - VSFHP10
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This product will be shipped on 02/23/2027

Jandy & FloPro Pump, available in single and high-efficiency two-speed models is the easy to install, energy-efficient drop-in pump that filters and recirculates the water in your pool and spa. The innovative adjustable base allows the FloPro to be a quick and easy direct replacement solution for Hayward® Super Pump®, Pentair®WhisperFlo® and SuperFlo® pumps. The ultra-compact FloPro is equipped with an ergonomic Cam-Lock Lid with easy alignment indicators and comes complete with 2” unions. The Jandy FloPro Pump is the perfect choice when a cost saving solution in a small equipment area is required. Medium-head, high-flow pump in an ultra compact body - an excellent choice for small equipment areas.

Jandy Flo Pro VS Owner's Manual (jandy-vs-flopro-owners-manual.pdf, 18,402 Kb) [Download]

Really costly to buy but so far my new Flow Pro is working out pretty good so far - quiet when it runs and my last hydro bill was lower then usual too, should pay for itself by next season i hope.
my new jandy pump is great, I can really see on my bill the cost of running it go down compared to my older one. a really good pump if you want to save money.
I did my research and found that everyone was reporting fast payback on these relatively expensive pumps. The unit arrived quickly in its original box. The instructions were excellent, but the install took much longer than I expected because I had to replumb everything - it would have been nice if they designed the unit to fit with the existing plumbing (this is NOT a job for an amateur). I originally wired it with the external control box (included) because my control box software was not up-to-date. It worked great. I eventually updated the control box software (because I wanted iAquaLink anyway) to allow support for the variable speed pumps - how cool is that - I now have complete control of my pump (e.g. I can run it at lower speed for freeze protect) and I can do it with my iPhone across the Internet! I have been using the unit for about 4 months now. The electrical savings is HUGE. I estimate I am saving at least $100/month. I am now investigating doing the same thing for my waterfall pump. I would have given it 5 stars if the installation was more plug and play.
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