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Natural Chemistry Salt Water Magic 1 Litre

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Simple Salt Solution

The Salt Water Magic contains a combination of patented technologies that have been specifically formulated for chlorine generators. This easy to use, solution provides the perfect pool water environment while preventing scale and calcium phosphate build up on the generator cell. The Salt Water Magic contains: 1-1L Salt Water Magic Liquid.

Salt Water Magic Monthly Liquid contains a revolutionary technology, specifically engineered for pools with salt generators. It removes phosphates and non-living organic contamination from pool water such as; suntan oils, cosmetics, body oils, and other non-living organic contamination. Salt Water Magic Monthly Liquid increases filter efficiency, reduces unpleasant odors, and waterline rings.

  • Reduces phosphate levels. Near zero phosphate levels prevent calcium phosphate build up on cells
  • Reduces non-living organic build-up in water, on pool surfaces, filter media, and generator cells
  • Minimizes maintenance and scrubbing
  • Powerful chelating/sequestering agents protect the pool surfaces from metal staining and prevents metal build-up on generator
  • Prevents damaging scale build-up from calcium and other minerals from forming on pool surfaces and generator/electrolytic cell

Directions for use:

New Pool Start-up: Follow pool builder’s start-up directions. Following directions for recommended amount of formulation, add the required amount of mineral mix to the pool. With circulation pump running, add entire contents of Salt Water Magic Liquid (1L) to the pool skimmer. Do not backwash or clean filter for at least 48 hours. Test water and adjust accordingly to your pool professional’s recommendations. Use monthly as a maintenance program.

  • Use entire bottle for pools up to 20,000 gallons (75,700L)
  • With circulation pump running, add contents of 1L bottle to skimmer
  • Do not backwash or clean filter for at least 48 hours
  • Test water and adjust according to your pool professional's recommendations
  • Use monthly as a maintenance program

Maintenance Dosage

Use 1L per 20,000 gallons (75,700L) of pool water per month for best results

Distribute mixture around perimeter of pool

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