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Nautyl 80,000 BTU Heat Pump

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Don’t let cool water temperatures limit your pool or spa use - Nautyl heat pumps quietly and economically maintain your ideal water temperatures at all times and consume less energy than natural gas heaters. These heat pumps come standard with a hot gas defrost feature which allows the heat pump to start at low ambient temperatures - allowing you to start your swim season earlier and end it later!


  • 80,000 BTU output heat pump
  • Start your swim season earlier and end it later
  • Profiled fan blade ensures efficient air flow and quiet operation
  • Consumes less energy than natural gas heaters
  • Nautyl heat pumps can lower operating costs by up to 80%
  • Standard hot gas defrost allows operation at low ambient temperatures
  • Titanium coaxial heat exchanger offers superior resistance to chemicals while providing superior heat exchange
  • 1.5" inlet/outlet connections

Warranty: 2 years on Parts and Labour, 2 years on Compressor Parts and 5 years on Titanium Heat Exchanger

Nautyl Heat Pump Installation / Owner's Manual (English) (Nautyl_Heat_Pump_Installation_Manual.pdf, 1,780 Kb) [Download]

Nautyl Heat Pump Installation / Owner's Manual (Francais) (Nautyl_Heat_Pump_Owner's_Manual_Francais.pdf, 741 Kb) [Download]

Nautyl Heat Pump Technical Specifications Sheet (Nautyl_Heat_Pumps_Specifications.pdf, 2,471 Kb) [Download]


Quiet - heated well, no issues. Never heard of the brand until I saw it on Costco website. Wish I would have seen this site before I bought, would have saved 300$! Oh well.
Works Great!
Ran this all season (although we had a short summer here in Montreal) but it did the trick and kept my 8 year old son and 12 year old daughter busy in the pool longer.
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