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Pool Shock

Chemical Shock Is Important For Pool Water Maintenance

Adding chemical shock to your pool is an important part of maintaining safe and healthy pool water. Shock is especially important to add to your pool before and after it has been heavily used. Adding chemical shock to your pool (which is also known as super chlorinating your pool) is essentially tripling or quadrupling the regular amount of chemicals in your pool water. This process keeps your pool water clean and safe by raising overall chlorine levels which kills bacteria and other organic materials in your pool while simultaneously increasing the effectiveness of the chlorine in your pool.

How Often Should You Add Shock to Your Pool?

You should add shock to your pool regularly but the exact frequency will depend on a number of variables including:

  • The size of your pool
  • How frequently you use your pool
  • How many people use your pool
  • The weather and temperature outdoors (the warmer it is, the more shock you may need to use)

Most pool experts suggest adding shock to your pool once a month, but because the amount of shock needed varies from one pool to the next, a good indicator is to regularly test your pool's water using water testing strips. Whenever you see that the chlorine is below recommended ranges, a shock treatment is in order.

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