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Smartpool Robotic Pool Cleaners, with their high performance/low energy engineering, use very little power and cost just pennies to operate! They help the environment even more by reducing pool chemical consumption and increase water conservation by reducing the need to backwash pool filters.

Smartpool SunHeater Solar Pool Heating Systems have a patented web design for maximum exposure to the sun's rays, allowing pool temperature to rise by 6-10 degrees F (4-6 degrees C). Whether installed on the ground, roof, rack or fence, SunHeater products help the environment by harnessing the power of the sun to heat pool water.

ChlorEase Saltwater Chlorinators produce chlorine right in the pool, using salt, a safe and natural chemical. They make it unnecessary to buy, store or handle dangerous packaged chlorine. ChlorEase chlorinators are also eco-friendly because they recycle salt over and over, so there are no by-product wastes added to the environment.