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SolarPro XD3 Round Heater

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The all new SolarPro XD3 round solar heater is perfect for all above ground pools! With 60 feet of coiled hose inside for maximum solar heat transfer, the 22" diameter clear dome creates a green house effect that produces maximum heat transfer from the sun to your pools water.

Designed for use with any size of above ground or in ground pool! For optimal performance, installations on above ground pools with a 1 HP or higher pump, or for any inground application, a Bypass kit is included.

Additional Specifications:

  • Easy to install
  • 60 foot heating coil length
  • No electric or gas connections required
  • Adapters for INTEX® pools included
  • Includes protective cover to reduce heat loss

The SolarPro XD3 round solar heater connects to 1.25" and 1.5" hose, and is compatible with Intex swimming pools.

** Note - Additional Plumbing / Hosing may be required for your unique equipment setup.

IMPORTANT: Operation requires your pool to have an existing filter/pump (not included). For use with SLIP INTEX products only. Additional plumbing components required for use with 40mm INTEX Pool connections (not included).

Product Includes a 1 Year Limited Warranty

SolarPro XD3 Round Heater Information Sheet (SolarPRO_Round_Heater_(GAME_1043-13_R0A).pdf, 322 Kb) [Download]

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