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Swimline Ergo Pool Lounger

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Enjoy water fun while supporting your back with the Ergo Pool Lounger, the world's first ergonomically designed pool lounger! Don't let back pain or discomfort keep you out of the pool - the Ergo Pool Lounger's lumbar support is designed to give amazing back support while you enjoy floating on the water. This float measures 78 by 41 inches and includes a built-in cup holder, so you can float the hours away in comfort and keep your beverage close at hand.

The Ergo Pool Lounger can also be used outside of the pool so you can continue relaxing in the sun with full back support. Don't let back pain keep you from enjoying the pool and sun. Get the Ergo Pool Lounger and get out there!

Product Includes a 30 Day Warranty (click for details)

Type of Toy

Type of Toy:
  • Floats and Loungers

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