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WWFC Jacuzzi Skimmer Kit for Inground Concrete Pools

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Carvin WWFC skimmer kit for inground concrete pools. Features an extra wide mouth for improved surface skimming, stainless steel self-tapping face flange screws to ensure trouble free installation, throat and body with heavily ribbed patterns for extra strength and rigidity, and argued thermoplastic moulding construction.

It's flapper-style weir door provides good skimming action, passing a thin sheet of water through at a time, resulting in higher velocities. The vacuum plate (included with the skimmer) allows the strainer basket to remain in place, catching debris while vacuuming and also assuring positive draining through the (optional) main drain.

Can be installed in a Carvin wall cut-out as a thru-wall installation or in a Hayward wall cut-out as an outside-mount installation.

WWFC Jacuzzi Skimmer Kit Manual (94112095-4.pdf, 1,594 Kb) [Télécharger]

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