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DISCONTINUED Zap It Algaecide 40% (1 L Bottle)

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Zap It! is a 40% concentrated, non-foaming algaecide, perfect for controlling algae in your swimming pool. Use as a weekly algae preventative, or for an algae treatment if your pool has gone green.

At a 40% concentrate, this product is super strong and highly effective at flocking dead algae to the pool floor after a shock treatment. This product is non-foaming and does not contain any metals.


1. Initial dosage for pool water having no visible algae is 100 mL per 10,000L

2. Weekly maintenance dosage is 35 mL per 10,000L

3. For pool water having visible algae, superchlorinate following label instructions of superchlorination product employed and wait at least 24 hours before adding weekly maintenance dosage

4. For visible algae, when superchlorination is not employed, add 150 L per 10,000L

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